Add modular outputs to any Reliable Controls® MACH-ProCom/Sys or MACH-ProWebCom/Sys controller with this flexible, general purpose output expansion module. Each MACH-ProPoint Output expansion module features 16 universal outputs, and requires 24 VAC/VDC power. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACHProCom or MACH-ProWebCom controller. Up to 7 expansion modules can be added to a MACH-ProSys or MACH-ProWebSys controller. Each controller can logically support a maximum of 128 inputs and 128 outputs, and is also physically limited by the point count of the expansion modules connected. The expansion module is also available with optional HOA (Hand/Off/Auto) switches for convenient field override.

Superior Design

  • Status LED per output, glows proportional to voltage level
  • Robust, 45º screw terminal
  • Reversible door flips to conveniently show points list

16 Universal Outputs

  • Analog range 0-12 VDC 75 mA
  • Digital range 0/12 VDC 75 mA


  • The MACH-ProPoint™ Output expansion module conveniently mounts in the same enclosure as the MACH-ProCom/Sys and MACH-ProWebCom/Sys or can be mounted at a distance in separate enclosures in the same space


  • UL 916
  • CE


  • 5 years

Supply Voltages

  • 24 VAC ±10% 75VA max. 50/60 Hz
  • 24 VDC ±10% 42W max.


  • Dedicated EIA-485 I/O-Net port for communications to host MACH-ProCom/Sys or MACH-ProWebCom/Sys controller
  • Baud fixed at 76.8 kbps

16 Universal Outputs*

  • 12-bit D/A converter
  • Analog: 0-12 VDC
  • Digital: 0/12 VDC
  • Manual ON provides adjustable 0-12 VDC (HOA model only)
  • LED indicator (glows proportionally)
  • Output power: 75 mA @ 12 VDC
  • 24 VAC over-voltage and short protection

Wiring Terminals

  • 12 to 22AWG (2.5 mm2 to 0.14 mm2)
  • Stranded or solid core
  • Copper conductors only

* Output modules not required for MPP-O


  • 17.9 cm L x 13.7 cm W x 3.9 cm H
    (7″ L x 5 3/8″ W x 1 1/2″ H)


  • #8 clearance holes on 15.6 cm L x 11.0 cm W
    (6 1/8″ L x 4 5/16″ W)
  • Screw depth 25 mm (1″)


  • 0.46 kg (1 lb.)

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: -20 ºC to 55ºC
    (-4 ºF to 131 ºF)
  • Shipping: -40 ºC to 60 ºC
    (-40 ºF to 140 ºF)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90%
    RH non-condensing

Universal Module - Front and Back Views

Universal Output Modules
The Universal Output Module (UM) provides a standard Reliable Controls® 0-12 VDC 75 mA output. Built-in overload and short-circuit protection. Modulating or digital range configured using RC-Studio® 2.0. Sold in packages of ten.

Triac Module - Front and Back Views

Triac Output Modules
The Triac Output Module (TM) is a single normally open contact for 24 VAC loads only, 0.5 A. Ideal for switching 24 VAC control circuit loads found in packaged HVAC systems, and 24 VAC two-position or floating point actuators. Sold in packages of 10.

Relay Module - Front and Back Views

Relay Output Modules
The Relay Module (RM) is a Single Form C SPDT dry contact, 24 VAC/DC, 0.5 A. A jumper is provided to select normally open or normally closed operation. Ideal for switching low current and/or DC loads. Sold in packages of 10.