• Archives & Library – 8,547 m2 (92,000 sq ft)

  • Iber Road Works Garage – 5574.2 m² (60,000 sq ft)

  • Nitrate Facility – 1,190 m2 (12,809 sq ft)

  • 79 Bentley – 3,861 m2 (41,559 ft2)

  • 3484 Limebank Rd – 2,780 m2 (29,923 sq ft)

  • Hangar 2, CFB Trenton – 11,613 m² (125,000 ft²)

  • World Exchange Plaza – 24,080 m2 (259,160 sq ft)

  • Air Mobility Training Centre – 17,000 m2 (183,000 sq ft)

  • 580 Booth Street – 33,716 m2 (362,916 sq ft)

Welcome To R.E.L. Controls Inc.

We specialize in supplying and installing Internet connected building controls and building automation controls designed and manufactured by Reliable Controls® that are simple, flexible, and competitively priced. Known as direct digital controls, building automation systems, building management systems, energy management control systems, and facility management systems, the Reliable Controls® MACH-System is used to monitor and control the mechanical, HVAC, electrical and lighting equipment found in every kind of HVAC building control application.


The Reliable Controls® designs utilize the ASHRAE standard BACnet® protocol and the Reliable Controls® building automation controls ship with an industry best 5-year warranty.


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BACnet Project of the Year – 2017 – AMTC

The facility now benefits from remote access, integration to a large WAN for multiple buildings, and creative programming encompassing energy saving modes within the building. The expertise and diligence of the DDC professionals involved with this complex project brought in the project almost $20 million under budget. By R.E.L. Controls Inc. & Reliable Controls.


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