Switch Kit

The Switch Kit (CC-SK) provides convenient dual EIA-232 port access to any MACH1™ or MACH2™ controller, when used in conjunction with a standard A/B Box (sold separately).   The Switch Kit is ideal for installations that must have PC and modem connections made to one MACH1™ or MACH2™ controller.

Power Supply – VDC

The PS-VDC is a Variable Power supply board suited to powering such devices as pressure transducers, gas dectors, and humidity sensors, which require a DC power supply.   The PS-VDC can be field adjusted to give the desired output voltage by adjusting the trimmer/ potentiometer (P1). The board uses a half-wave rectifier such that the […]

TRIAC Module

The Reliable Controls® TRC-FP triac module allows control of a single floating point device from a single 0–10 VDC analog output. Load 1 and Load 2 cannot be energized simultaneously. The TRC-DS triac module allows control of 2 discrete digital devices from a single 0–10 VDC analog output. Load 1 is staged first and Load […]

Flow Sensor

Monitor flow in a Variable Air Volume (VAV) or constant volume air terminal precisely and easily with the Reliable Controls® Flow Sensor (FS).

Lighting Interface Module

The Reliable Controls® Lighting Interface Modules provide the ability to switch Panasonic WR61XX or GE RR series relays directly from Reliable Controls® MACH-System™ universal outputs.