Catalog Sheet

The A/ACS and A/ASCS are Solid State Current Switches with an adjustable trip point. The switches on these units are activated upon reaching a desired amperage setpoint. The Split Core design is ideal for retrofit applications and the mounting base is 35mm DIN Rail mountable. They include a Red and Green LED that indicate the “Status” of the switch contacts.<

Product Application:

  • Applications for Current Switches include monitoring fan or pump status, motors, compressors, over/under loads and electrical equipment for proper operation. A change in the operating current may indicate motor failure, belt loss/slippage, or mechanical failure. Any time one of these events occurs, the current can significantly increase or decrease, thus tripping the sensor, and notifying the Building Management System of an alarm condition.

How has this product been designed and manufactured to assist the contractor in installation, maintenance and service for the product?

  • This product was designed to improve on three tangible areas. First of all the enclosure has a snap track mount built into the base of the unit which saves time and material expense for the contractor/installer. Secondly, this product was designed to have a lower trip point and higher Amperage Rating than the “industry standards”. It is rated up to 250 Amps where most of the existing models are only rated to 200 (some at only 135 amps) meaning that you do not have to purchase another Current Transformer to step the voltage down to a manageable range for Current Switch to operate correctly. In addition, this product has a Split Core design where you can clamp it around existing wires and not have cut wire or shut down equipment. (Note: It is always safer to turn power completely off during installation)

How this product different from other competitive products?

  • This product is different than most products in its’ category in that in has an integral Din Rail mounting flange, it has a higher operating range and the lowest trip point in the industry. It also has both Red and Green LED’s that will indicate the status of the switch contacts. Some products have no LED and some products might have just a Red LED and have it blink at different rates to determine the status but we took the extra step to make it easier to visually determine the status of the switch contacts.
  • The “L” version of this product allows for a lower trip down to .35 amps. This option is great for applications that have lower amperage draws and do not allow the installer the option of wrapping the power wire multiple times around the switch.

What installation benefits to the contractor can be derived from this product?

  • The enclosure is contoured to fit the installer’s fingers for tight fit applications. Also previously mentioned it has an integral Din Rail flange and Split Core design. These options allow for quicker installation times.

What other cost saving benefits does the product offer?

  • With lower trip points and higher amperage ratings, this product covers a broader range of applications. Plus, the aperture (hole) size is large enough (.75”) to fit up to 350 MCM cable. These attributes allow for fewer items to be stocked and part numbers to be registered for contractors/distributors.