A powerful array of compact, specially designed applications, RC-Toolkit™ 2.0 from Reliable Controls® is essential software for the technician who integrates, expands and commissions the Reliable Controls® MACH-System. Connecting to a controller is quick and easy using TCP/IP, a modem, or a direct EIA-232 connection. Password protection prevents unauthorized configuration of controllers. Eleven different tools provide full configuration of all controllers in the Reliable Controls® MACH-System.


  • Configure addresses and baud

Panel File Utility

  • Create duplicate copies of panel files for rapid configuration of large networks

OS Send

  • Update the firmware remotely from the PC to one or more controllers on the network


  • Displays BACnet® points shared between controllers

MACH-Air™ Calibration

  • Calibrate the damper position of one or more MACH-Air™ controllers on a network

Network Diagnostics

  • View diagnostic data on a network to locate potential problems in panel configuration or wiring

Modbus Setup

  • Configure communications with multiple Modbus devices

BAClight Setup

  • Configuration tool for the BAClight Gateway

SNMP Setup

  • Integrate using Simple Network Management Protocol

BBMD Setup

  • Integrate WAN using BACnet®

SSC Setup

  • Configure SMART-Space Controllers with global automatic addressing and custom naming, easily and efficiently

Password Protection

  • Prevents unauthorized configuration

PC Requirements

  • IBM compatible, Pentium processor
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Windows 2003 or higher


  • Ethernet
  • EIA-232: 57.6 kbps max.
  • Modem