At the onset of the project, La Promenade (151 Sparks or the Valour building) was at the end of its life cycle and required a significant upgrade to its exterior envelope and mechanical and electrical systems in order to meet the Parliamentary mandate. As a result, the building’s 12 floors were completely gutted and renovated.

Instead of having on-site boilers and chillers, La Promenade (and all other Parliament buildings) receive chilled water and low-pressure steam from a central boiler plant. The mechanical rooms are outfitted with 9 AHUs with VFDs and humidification control along with approximately 400 VAV boxes. There is also steam to hot water heat exchangers for hydronic heating.


The project had a critical time line and stringent security access requirements, but the main challenge in completing the project was maintaining existing AHU and equipment that serviced street-level retail units throughout construction period. Energy savings will be based on reset schedules, as the BAS allows control based on outdoor air temperature.


Project Type:

  • Retrofit

Installation Type:

  • CO & CO² Monitoring, Fan Coil, HVAC, Smoke, VAV

Total Area:

  • 29,729 m² (320,000 sq ft)

Equipment Installed:


  • EIA-485, Ethernet, LAN

Total System Points:

  • 2,200

Total BACnet Points:

Engineering Consultant:

  • Fox Engineering