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The new Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC), located at 8 Wing at CFB Trenton, will house the equipment and personnel required to train pilots and maintenance crews for the new CC130J Hercules aircraft purchased by the Canadian Forces.

Pomerleau is completing the project in three phases. The first phase involves constructing the area of the building that will house the flight simulators, which will be operational in February 2011. In the second phase, the maintenance instruction area will be built but one side will remain open to enable parts of a Hercules CC130J to be brought in. In the final phase, the 17,000-m² building will be closed in.

The installation of highly sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment, including flight simulators, means that the tolerances for the concrete floor are much lower than the usual. The electromechanical portion of the contract also has its own challenges. The Pomerleau team will need to exercise great precision in the execution of this project.

Project Type:

  • New Construction

Installation Type:

  • CO & CO² Monitoring, Fan Coil, HVAC, Smoke, VAV

Total Area:

  • 17,001.25 m² (183,000 sq ft)

Equipment Installed:


  • EIA-485, Ethernet, LAN

Total System Points:

Total BACnet Points:

Engineering Consultant: