Mechanical Relays

Reliable Controls® offers an entire range of mechanical relays that have been tested and approved for use with our controller outputs.

SPACE-Sensor Temperature

Aesthetically designed to complement any decor, the Reliable Controls® SPACE-Sensor Temperature™ (SST) series provides a traditional temperature sensor solution and a wide array of options to help you achieve comfort.

X-Port 2 Converter

The Reliable Controls® X-Port-2™ converter is a convenient BACnet® communication device which provides an extra EIA-232 port to any MACH-Series controller.   The X-Port-2™ converter connects to the SMART-Net™ network and transfers information between the Reliable Controls® MACH-System™ and any Reliable Controls® software without compromising any existing SMART-Sensors on the network. Power is derived from […]


The SETUP-Tool™ is a powerful, microcomputer-based interface required to configure the MACH-Air™ and the MACH-Zone™.


A compliment to any room, the Reliable Controls® SMART-Sensor™ LCD (SSL) series delivers a communicating sensor solution that allows you to connect with up to ten configurable parameters related to your space.


Quickly generate professional 2D and 3D System Group graphics using this full featured, easy to use, online graphical images and services software.


RC-WebView™ 2.0 from Reliable Controls® is a powerful BACnet® Web server solution that allows MS-Internet Explorer users to conveniently access any Internet-connected BACnet® controls system configured with RC-Studio® 2.0 System Groups.


Continuously downloading mechanical and electrical system logs into an industry standard SQL database, RC-Archive™ delivers a robust record of performance from any internet-connected BACnet® facility.

RC-Toolkit 2.0

A powerful array of compact, specially designed applications, RC-Toolkit™ 2.0 from Reliable Controls® is essential software for the technician who integrates, expands and commissions the Reliable Controls® MACH-System. Connecting to a controller is quick and easy using TCP/IP, a modem, or a direct EIA-232 connection. Password protection prevents unauthorized configuration of controllers. Eleven different tools […]

RC Reporter

Extract intelligence from your archived building data and make informed operational decisions with Reliable Controls® RC-Reporter®. This fully customizable, server-based application allows you to analyse the trend and runtime data from any BACnet Internet- connected building, and generate professional performance reports, quickly and accurately.

RC-Studio 2.0

Recognized as the ultimate all-in-one BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS), RC-Studio® 2.0 from Reliable Controls® provides outstanding functionality, value, and ease of programming. Compatible with Windows 2003, and higher, RC-Studio® 2.0 provides efficient BACnet® object discovery, drag and drop programmability, and intuitive object creation and manipulation. Programmers have the freedom to automatically discover BACnet devices, cut […]

SMART-Sensor EnOcean Accesspoint

Aesthetically designed to compliment any decor, the Reliable Controls® SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint (SSEA) opens the door to EnOcean® wireless integration with the MACH-System™.

SPACE-Sensor EnOcean

The Reliable Controls® SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean (SSE) delivers a wireless temperature sensor solution made easy with the energy harvesting technology of EnOcean.

SMART-Space Controller

Take ownership of your personal environment with the Reliable Controls® SMART-Space Controller™ (SSC), a fully programmable BACnet controller with multi-sensor capability and ten-point, on screen direct control.


The Reliable Controls® MACH-Stat-ND™ is a unique, fully programmable BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) ideal for applications that require any combination of space temperature, humidity, Carbon Dioxide, occupancy sensing, local override, and setpoint adjust, in one convenient package.


The Reliable Controls® MACH-Stat™ is a unique, fully programmable BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) ideal for mid-sized rooftop equipment, multizone equipment, or small mechanical room applications requiring a completely customizable local display.


Small, durable and packed with flexibility, the Reliable Controls® MACH-ProZone™ is a fully programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with highly scalable I/O in a very small footprint. The MACH-ProZone™ is ideal for a wide range of applications that include small to mid-sized roof top and heatpump applications, and small mechanical room applications.


With its extensive network routing ability to multiple open protocols, and its highly scalable I/O and small footprint, the Reliable Controls® MACH-ProCom™ achieves an optimum balance between form and function. This fully programmable, Internet-connected, BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) is ideal for large mechanical rooms and multi-building applications. The MACH-ProCom™ provides high speed 10/100 Ethernet, SMART-Net […]

MACH-ProPoint Input

Maximize the monitoring capacity of any Reliable Controls® MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller with this all-input expansion module. Each MPP-I features 24 universal inputs and requires 24 VAC/VDC power. MPP-I expansion modules can be mixed with standard MPP expansion modules in any combination on a single I/O-Net trunk. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be […]

MACH-ProPoint Input/Output

Add modular inputs and outputs to any Reliable Controls® MACH-ProCom™ or MACH-ProSys™ controller with this flexible, general purpose input/output expansion module. Each MACH-ProPoint™ expansion module features 12 universal inputs, 8 outputs, and requires 24 VAC/VDC power. A maximum of 8 expansion modules can be connected to a single MACH-ProCom™ controller. Up to 7 expansion modules […]